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Will You Be My Valentine?!

I know that there are still many days for Valentine day, but seeing all my friends already paired up, I want to get over with mine too, This would probably be the first time I'll be celebrating this day. That is, If I get a valentine.
As no one seems to ask me out [which is really sad :(], I've planned to ask someone out myself ;) :D. Someone, whom I had a crush on since a long time. Moreover, I'm going to this proposal stuff here since I don't have enough strength in me to do it directly :P :(. Before you read further please, please pray that he will accept my proposal :).

Its been almost 7-8 years, since I first met you. My brother wanted you home as he needed some work from you. I remember very well that I was the one to open the door that day. I was expecting my dad back home, and, VOILA! I found you. Oh God! I can't even express how cute you looked wrapped up. It was really cold wasn't it? Anyway, you come straight in and greet my bro, not even bothering to take a look at me :(. But, I remember that I couldn't take my eyes off you. You were so charming! I felt like I was Flying in Air. I heard Violins in the background[Yep! SRK stuff :P]. I so badly wanted to hug you. But my brother would have killed me. 

Soon, you become to close to our family. Even mom and dad loved you and always used to exclaim how good you are. They still do it, in case you are wondering. Back to the point, You had become my best friend. I used to tell you Anything and Everything. And you, like a really sweet guy that you are listened to all my nonsense. I really love the way you always listen to me and never interrupt :D :).

You were here everyday and I'm really thankful to you for that. Not to forget, those days when you were ill and had been in the hospital :(. How much I had missed you and how much I longed to see you again. Gosh! Only I know what I go through when you are not here.

You are both mine and my brother's best friend. They always say that its bad for you to fall for your sibling's friend, but I can't help it. I don't know if this is love or what. But I do know that my life would be empty without you. Ever since that first day, you have taken a major place in my heart. I would never want to lose you no matter what comes in life. 

Trust Me Baby, All I Want For Valentine's Day Is "YOU" [JK. I want Ian :* but he still doesn't seem to know that I exist :( so yeah! Will adjust with you :P. Haha]. So what do you say love? Are you ready for this? :)

*Bends down on one knee*
"Oh My Dear Lovely Sweet Guy, I can't imagine a day without you. You complete my life in a way that you don't know. So Please, Please be my Valentine."

Whats your Answer? :O
Will you? Will you be my Valentine, my dear lovely SAMSUNG COMPUTER? :D :P :D :P.

Hehehe! Fooled ya all, Didn't I? ;).
Well! Actually No :P. I will spend this Valentine's day in front of my love only ;) cause my exam would have just gotten over and and and I want to spend that day with my LOVE <3 :P.

Did you all pray for me? ;) I hope you did :P :D. 
Now that you guys have wasted your time in reading this post please waste some more in leaving Comments :P :). Thank you :D :) :P.

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Harsha Chittar said...

Cute Blog, the beauty of your posts are that you write from your heart :) keep it up and keep writing.
I remember I had a short stories blog and I used to sit and wait for the Indirank too :) I still do now too :)

Ana_treek said...

Hehee..u fooled me there :D..Nice love letter!

Princess Poo said...

Thanks :) :D.
Yeah! Even I do :).

Hehe :D.
Fooled the person who fools everyone? ;) :D.
Aah! Achievement <3 :D :).
Thanks :D.
And welcome to my world :).
Hope you keep coming and enjoy here :D

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

GRRRRR.Didn't pray yet but fell in love with the whole romance! ;)

Sexy post,lady! You got the knack to get us glued! :)

Princess Poo said...

You didn't pray? :( :P
Awww :(. See! Thats why my computer is not responding to me proposal :P :( :P.

Hehe! Thats good to know <3 :).
Thanks for comments :D.

Lots of love <3

Gayatri said...

Hahhaa!!!! :D Very smart!!! I was glued to the whole story till the end and at the end almost fell off the chair!!! LOL!!! Good work girl!!!

pushpak pandey said...

Gud both d ways.....1)u fooled us and 2) still wrote a decent blog.....Keep d gud work going.....! ! ! ! ! And yes find sum1 for urself atleast dis valentine and den write a post about ur experience also....! ! ! ! ! !

Princess Poo said...

Heeheh! Thanks :) :D.
Oh! Oops! Be careful :). The chair may break :P :D.
Thanks again <3.

Thank you jhi :).
Hehehe!! It was just a try :). Glad that I actually did.
Haha! I really don't need any valentine :). If I really do love someone, then everyday is valentine day for me :).
There is a long time for all that :D :).
Right now love my studies :P :D.


Damn , Well Lovely post !!!

Ankit Patel said...

hehe.. very cute.... ! actually I missed the whole fun coz I scrolled down the page before reading the whole post... by-mistake, I suppose! :P

anyways, still enjoyed it.. and yeah, my dear ViewSonic is also very much dear to me! :P :P :D

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha Thanks :D :).

aww :P :( damn :P One not fooled :( :P.
Hehehe :D. Good to know :D

Gayathri said...

Duh!! :P

Princess Poo said...

lolzie :D

Ganesh Balu said...

sigh.! cute tho.. :)

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