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Broken~What was their fault?

Same as any other day, that day too I was on my way to school. I was trying to walk as slowly as possible as I knew that both of my best friends were not coming to school today as they had plans with their boyfriends. I was really sad that both of them had to disappear on the same day. I had given all reasons I could possibly give to my mom so that I can escape school but she wouldn't hear any of it. Gosh! Parents.!! 
I came to the main road and saw both the sides before crossing and was mid-way through when I saw both my best friends standing on the other side. My heart bounced in happiness as I saw my friends had not left after all. But the happiness lasted only for a second because I saw that they were fighting. I mean really Fighting. In 13 years of the time we've all known each other I've never seen them quarrel that way. I was utterly shocked seeing them pointing their fingers and yelling at each other. I heard a loud honking and turned around to see a car driver really angry on me. That's when I realized I was in the middle of the road. In a jiffy I ran across to the other side, where my friends were.

The first one to see me coming was my friend Akshi. She turned around and said, "Good that you are here, you need to put some sense into this stupid girl. She isn't listening to me". I wanted to ask her what the problem was but considering her anger I just gave it up. I turned to Suhi, who is fortunately the patient one in our group and asked her, "Hey, what's going on huh'? Whats up with you two? Fighting like this? That too in road?".

Suhi said,"You won't believe what has happened. I never thought this would happen". And she starts crying. So much for telling me what happened.
I turned to Akshi and lift up my eyebrows. She just shrugged her shoulders. God! How I wish I could force whatever it was out of their mouths. My patience doesn't stand long, and they of all people know it. Still they are testing it! Sometimes I feel like holding their shoulders and shaking them until they throw up the information.

Finally, after 10 minutes, Suhi controls herself and says,"You know my bf right? The guy whose name I would not tell you because I thought it was a Taboo".
I said,"Yes".
"Yeah! His name is Roshan. Today when I had gone to meet him so that we can take off on our weekend trip I found Akshi there. I thought she had come there to send me off but then I realized that she was leaving with her bf too. So I went upto her and asked what she was doing there. And thats when I found out. Me and Akshi, we both are in love with the same guy"

I didn't say a word. In my mind thousands of thoughts were running starting from How to kill the guy? to what would happen now? I was scared. I didn't know what to say. I remembered how I had asked them to be careful and not to trust someone so much. I wanted to say I TOLD YOU SO, but this was so not the time. After what seemed like a gazillion years yet some seconds I heard Akshi's yelling.
"No we are not. I liked him first. I met him even before you. Moreover, I'm elder to you and therefore much more nearer to the Roshan's age. You are like a little kid to him. I'm sure he didn't even like you".

"How dare you? Just because you are older it doesn't mean he liked you. I'm more mature than you and I like him more than you do", came the thunderous reply for Suhi. Looks like she isn't the patient one anymore.

Once again, I gave way to my thoughts. My thoughts told me how afraid I was. How confusing the situation seemed. And how, of everyone else in this world could my best friends love the same person? I wanted to get lost in my thoughts, but unfortunately my friends weren't going to let me do so.

Suhi comes right at me, as I walk backwards and shouts,"You. You tell her. You tell her how much I loved him and how much I need him". Akshi wasn't going to left behind so she also comes towards me and says,"Yeah Pooh, go on. Tell me. Or should I probably say tell her? Tell her that she is not making any sense and its better for her if she leaves him to me".

I thought they were going to murder me if I didn't answer but I also felt that they would kill me if I did. Oh God! What was happening? I felt as though my soul was splitting in two. My best friends were fighting with each other, that too over a guy. I wanted to sit down and start sobbing badly, but right now, everything depended on me. Right now I had to be the bigger and better person.

So, I just get myself together, faced both of them and said, "First of all, this isn't a place to quarrel. Secondly, we are all adults.. Ok umm not really but yeah we can think and have common sense so can we settle this like any adult would do? Common, lets go to KFC".

I know I was going to miss school, and that I will get lots of scoldings from my parents for that later on, but right now, sorting out this mess was my top most priority. I had it all planned now. I will take them both to KFC and treat them on it. KFC was our most favorite place to hang out. Moreover, the Hot Wings and Pop corn chicken always seemed to cool them down, I don't know why. If french fries is added to that menu, it would always make their day and whatever weariness they seemed to have would have left them. So going to KFC was the best idea I could think of.

So, we arrive at KFC. That was probably the longest journey of my life. All the three of us were very silent and to depress me more my friends wouldn't even look at each other. Trying to ignore them, I go in and take my seat. They came in, both at different intervals and sat next to either side of me. As they didn't want to sit next to each other, they now had to face each other.

That was the time a thought stuck to my stupid head. I turned to both of them and said,"You were best friends for 13 years. Please don't ruin it over a guy. In you life many guys might come and go,but never, Trust me never, will you both ever get a friend like each other. I really don't want our friendship to end, but if you don't get over this incident it will, as I won't be able to pick between you two. I've made my decision to forget everything and stay like this. The rest is upto you guys".

Saying this, I got up like a boss, and went to the counter to order their favorites. As I was standing there, I felt good, I don't know why. But I felt really good. Maybe what I had said made sense. Maybe not. While I was fighting with my Positive and Negative Mental selves, my friends were in a deep trance.

They turned to look at each other,
And looked deep into the eyes,
There they found no happiness or joy,
But only unending cries.

Its not their fault that they
gave over for hotness.
But can they give up their friendship,
for someone so heartless?

They had been best friends,
for such a long time.
Was falling in love with the same guy,
Such a big crime?

A tear rolled down from their eyes,
when they glanced at their past.
How much longer would their,
Forever Friendship last?

I came back, with my hands full of food. Without a word I just kept them all on the table and began to eat. I knew what this silence meant. I had been in this position many times before. Everytime we fought with each other and regretted it, this silence was found. This meant that they had realized their mistake. This meant that there was hope that I could actually look forward to having a forever friendship with them. I wanted to cry, but again got over that feeling. This was not the time to be weak.

Without a word to each other, even they started eating. Finally, after an hour, all the food was complete, and so were the tears in my best friends eyes. They were both calm now. I sent a silent thanks to whoever it was that started KFC. That person really saves the day at times.

When they both were not ready to speak, I broke the silence,"So... Whats up?".

At that moment Suhi got up. My heart fell down to my stomach. She was leaving. But, it turned out that I was wrong. She didn't get up to leave. She got up so that she could go and hug Akshi. For a minute they hugged each other, all weeping. Next thing I knew, I was included in the hug. Someone apparently had pulled me in on it. For a long time, seemed like eternity, we held each other. We didn't say a word. Everything that had to be said and done had been said and done by the SILENCE. We just held each other, as tightly as possible, as if it was a way to express that No matter what, we wouldn't let go of each other.

Finally we broke the hug, and took back our seats. The silence continued, not because we didn't want to talk but because we were all lost in our own thoughts. I don't know what they both were thinking but all that was in my mind was I DID IT. I couldn't believe it, but it was true. I had actually said some spectacular things, I had made given some nice advice and most of all, I had kept my patience. With all of this, my friends had finally found their hearts and realized how empty their life would be without each other.

"I'm really sorry Suhi. I can't believe I said all those mean things to you. We fought over a guy, who actually deserves none of us. We were about to end our friendship for something really stupid. I'm really sorry", Akshi said.

Suhi, who still had tears in her eyes replied,"I'm sorry too. Even I was mean and said all those bad things to you. You know I never meant it. And what you said is totally true. We were actually going to end our friendship for a person who didn't even care for us. It was really stupid of us. I can't believe we acted so immature. Thank god, we've finally got our brains back".

Then they smile at each other. I started grinning like an idiot. And only when Suhi said,"What the hell is wrong with you idiot? Why are you crying now?", did I realize that I was actually crying. I didn't know when I had started to cry but all I knew was I was way too happy. I mean who wouldn't be? Everything was back to normal. It was perfect. 


The End

Firstly, this was my first attempt at a story. I've only written articles and poems but never an incident or a story. So please feel free to tell me how it was, and suggest me how I should improve.

Secondly, this story is purely fiction. Anyone or anything related to this in real life is purely co-incidental. 
Thanks to my real best friends, Akshi and Suhi whose name I have used in this story(I really hope you both won't mind) without their permission. And, Akshi I really miss you. I hope you Rest In Peace. XOXOXO. Ever since you left, Me and Suhi have been incomplete. I really hope you are having fun wherever you are and have thought up of all the mischief we can do when both Me and Suhi come there to you. I love you dear. 

Thirdly, This was my entry to a competition in Indiblogger named KFC~Sets You On Fire
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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

OMG :) i can call it as an ESSAY !
phew, i just skipped few parts and continued...
it was a good read..
Lately i came to know that this as FICTION :P
good luck for the contest :)

Anonymous said...

good one pooja, you did very well. scribbled nicely, used very nice words, i loved your vocabulary , poem adds a great meaning too. well done !! since it fiction, you can make it much more suspense or some Jam-bulling here and there

SHANOJ K said...

Nice :)

Vamsi said...

very nice. A very simple and lucid presentation of your feelings . I just loved it.You did a great job on your first attempt at a story. Keep them coming. And lastly Best friends are very essential for leading a good and peaceful life ..all the best for the contest..

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :)

Thank you :).
Aaah!! Its already long enough ;).

Thanks :).

Thanks for your comments :).
and Thanks for wishing :).

Anonymous said...

A very good first attempt!!! Keep writing! I want to read more and more of your prose :-)
all the best for the contest! Love you!


Princess Poo said...

Thanks Antara :).
Its all your support and influence that has helped me :). I will write more and more :D Just for you :).

Thanks again dear :).
Love you more <3

Sam B said...

All the best for the contest! And I always make it a point to thank whoever started KFC :)

And thanks for leaving such sweet comments. You are wayy too kind :P

Anonymous said...

awww you are so damn SWEET!!! Much much love to you!

Gayatri said...

OMG!!!! Pooja this is awesome!!!! I think the flow of thoughts have been penned down really well!!! Real neat piece of work :)

Princess Poo said...

@Sam B
Thanks a lot dear :).
Hehehe! You deserve it :).
I really loved your posts :).

Hehehe *blush* :P :">.
Love to infinity and beyond :P :D.

Aww :"> :)
Thanks a lot :).
All because of your constant support :) and ofcourse BLESSINGS :P

DS said...

Beautifully narrated Pooja.
You were in a soup with friends to select from.... Its always so difficult when your friends fight and you have to judge!!

All The Best :)
Do read my entry too when free :)

N.S.Kirti said...

soooo KFC saved the day huh? :) :)
nice story Pooja.emotions conveyed beautifully. and had the real-life touch that i loved :) and yeah, the poem was especially sweet too :)
i have been meaning to comment from a long time but didnt get time :)
all the best for the competition :)

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot :).
I know right?

Thanks again :D :).

Yeah :) :D. KFC for the win xD :).
Thanks dear <3
Aww <3 Really sweet of you :*

Thanks again <3

Arti said...

Too good! Loved the candid and the free flowing narrative. Drama, emotions, anger... it had all the elements that keeps a reader hooked, weaved together in a gripping tale with a nice heart warming end. You took me in the lives of Akshi, Suhi and Yourself girl! Brilliant, keep writing :)

All the very best for the contest, hope you win :)

Princess Poo said...

@Arti Deedi
Thanks Di :D.
Aww :). I'm really glad :D.

Thanks a lot deedi :).
Oh! I already won :). I got such beautiful comments especially from Legendary writers like you. It made my life :).
Thank you deedi.

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